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 Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls - Tags 
All Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls came with either a 1/2 inch round gold sticker on the front of their dress or with a gold wrist tag.  The sticker only identifies that the doll is a Storybook doll (or a "Judy Ann" in more rare cases) and is typically found on the earliest dolls with molded socks.  The wrist tag indicates the name and identification number of the doll on one side and "Storybook Dolls by Nancy Ann" on the other.  Wrist tags can be further defined as to whether they are "heavy" or not.  The "heavy" wrist tag is found on the earlier dolls (usually just the pudgies without molded socks) and tends to be shinier and more durable than the later wrist tags.  The other label sometimes seen is the "100% Wool" label which is found on the felt hats or cumberbunds of Storybook dolls .
Tag Examples
Judy Ann Sticker
Storybook Dolls Sticker
Heavy Wrist Tag

Standard Wrist Tag
Back Side of Wrist Tag
100% Wool Label


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