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Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Shoes 

Last Updated: 1/26/2003

Shoe Examples

Standard Black Shoes

Black Shoes with Molded Socks

White Boots

White Boots with Molded Socks

Tall White Boots

Tall White Boots with Molded Socks

Black 3-Button Boots

Black 4-Button Boots with Molded Socks

White Shoes with Molded Socks

Black Boots with Molded Socks

Silver Shoes

Silver Shoes with Molded Socks



Shoe Clues*

  • All Nancy Ann Storybook dolls with frozen legs will have the standard black shoes, with the exception of One-Two Button My Shoe who will always have the Black 3-Button Boots.

  • Boots are typically found on dolls wearing short dresses and short panties (with the exception of Margie Ann in Playsuit.)

  • White Shoes will always have Molded Socks and will only be found on Tennis and the Nurse.

  • Silver Shoes will be found on the Bride, Bridesmaid, and Cinderella.

  • Silver Shoes with Molded Socks will be found on the Bride, Bridesmaid, Cinderella, Ballet Dancer, Snow White, and Rose Red.

  • Red Shoes are found on Little Red Riding Hood (Made in Japan version.)

  • Brown Shoes are only found on the early Dutch doll (to look like wooden shoes.)

  • Black Boots without buttons are found on the Pirate, Cowboy, Riding, and Eastside Westside.

  • Black Boots with three buttons are found on One-Two Button my Shoe, Topsy (the early version), and Mammy (pudgy tummy version.).

  • Black Boots with four buttons are found on Topsy and Mammy in the Judy Ann versions.

  • Tall White Boots (with or without molded socks) will be found on Hungarian, Russian, and Scotch.

  • White Boots (with or without molded socks) will be found on the early versions of the following dolls: Skiing, Winter (snowsuit version), Little Miss, Red Riding Hood, School Days, Mistress Mary, Pussy Cat, Richman Poorman, Goldilocks, Jack & Jill, Eva, Margie Ann characters, Twin Sisters, Brother and Sister, Geraldine Ann, Audrey Ann.  Flower Girl and Ring Bearer will always have white boots.

* Note that this list, though intended to be as accurate as possible, may not be inclusive of some of the rarest dolls such as those marked Made in Japan or America.

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